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Ayurveda Understanding, Causes, Pathogenesis, Therapy, Prevention 

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa S, B.A.M.S

Wrinkles, temporary introduction

Wrinkles are fairly pure to all of us. It is without doubt one of the indicators of bodily ageing and therefore ageing pores and skin. As we become older, our pores and skin will get thinner, drier and fewer elastic and therefore loses its immunity towards damages. This finally results in formation of wrinkles, creases and contours on the pores and skin.

 Wrinkles can happen very early in life additionally, attributable to totally different causes. Wrinkles will be a part of pores and skin illnesses or another dysfunction which has its reflections on the pores and skin. They’re creases, ridges or folds fashioned within the pores and skin. They’re most distinguished on the areas of the physique uncovered to solar. Other than face wrinkles additionally happen on the neck, arms and forearms.

Other than solar publicity, smoking, alcohol consumption, dehydration, environmental and genetic elements, pollution, sure drugs and publicity to UV gentle are also causal. Some wrinkles which develop into deep crevices or furrows are primarily noticeable across the eyes, mouth and neck.

Wrinkles have a direct relationship with our facial actions and expressions and have their origin from there.

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Wrinkles – Ayurveda Perspective

Dosha involvement in Wrinkles

The VATA connection

Vata, previous age and wrinkle connection – Vata as a rule is dominant in previous age. Wrinkles additionally normally seem in previous age. Mathematically it’s vata which predominantly causes wrinkles.

The pores and skin will get dry, skinny and fewer elastic in wrinkles. All these are brought on by vata.

Sparshanendriya – the sense organ of contact or pores and skin is one among the many seats of vata. So, compared to another doshas, vata may have its biggest affect on the pores and skin. It helps in notion of contact sensations and when in steadiness vata is answerable for good pores and skin well being.

Vyana Vata-Rasa-Twak axis and untimely wrinkles – Vyana Vata, a subtype of vata conveys rasa (diet) to the pores and skin. Well being and steadiness of rasa tissue is an indicator of pores and skin well being and vice versa. That is mediated by vyana vata all through the life. When there may be imbalance on this conveyance, the pores and skin well being will likely be compromised. This may expose the pores and skin to a wide selection of well being points together with untimely wrinkle formation.

The Pitta connection

Wrinkles are fashioned attributable to extreme publicity to daylight particularly at noon and in addition to UV radiation. Pitta will get aggravated attributable to solar publicity for longer length and in addition throughout noon. Pitta additionally has drava i.e. liquidity in it and in addition unctuousness, each of those that are protecting buffers for the pores and skin are broken by the warmth of the solar. The pores and skin will get dried and can lose immunity giving solution to many pores and skin illnesses and in addition to untimely wrinkles. The pores and skin chemistry is immediately related to the features of Bhrajaka Pitta situated within the pores and skin.

The Kapha connection

There’s a wealthy nutrient provide to the pores and skin via the continual circulation of rasa tissue. Rasa belongs to the kapha group of components (kapha is current within the rasa tissue). Thus the rasa and kapha inside won’t solely present diet to the pores and skin however would additionally maintain the pores and skin moist and lubricated. Kapha and Rasa are wealthy in water.

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Dhatu involvement in Wrinkles

Rasa Dhatu – As already mentioned, rasa tissue is continually reaching the pores and skin to nourish it. The well being of pores and skin and rasa tissue is interrelated. If there may be deficit provide of rasa tissue to the pores and skin or if the rasa or the channels carrying it are contaminated, the pores and skin well being and immunity will likely be compromised. Likewise a foul pores and skin well being or an extended staying pores and skin dysfunction which is cussed or circumstances like wrinkles replicate the imbalance or diseased state of rasa tissue or the channels transporting it.

Mamsa Dhatu – We all know that anatomically the pores and skin and muscle tissue are situated in shut proximity. Twak i.e. pores and skin is alleged to be the upadhatu i.e. sub-tissue of Mamsa dhatu i.e. muscle tissue. So, well being points in muscle tissue replicate in pores and skin and vice versa. Wrinkles are mentioned to be associated to actions and expressions, that are additionally the causative elements of wrinkles. These actions and expressions are led to by the muscle tissue and mirrored on the pores and skin. The vasa i.e. muscle fats which can also be a sub-tissue of muscle tissue gives lubrication and moistness / unctuousness to the pores and skin.

Medo Dhatu – The primary perform of the fats is to supply unctuousness and lubrication. The pores and skin additionally derives the identical from the subcutaneous fats. Extreme train is alleged to be one of many causes for wrinkles. Extreme train burns the fats and depletes the muscle and muscle fats. This impacts the pores and skin.

Muscle, fats, muscle-fat and kapha contribute to the elasticity and moistness / unctuousness of the pores and skin and in addition contribute in the direction of pores and skin well being and immunity.

“Vali” – a symptom of Rasa Pradoshaja Roga

“Ayatha Kala Valayah” is without doubt one of the signs of rasa pradoshaja roga i.e. illnesses prompted attributable to contamination / vitiation of rasa tissue. Valayah is plural of Vali which suggests wrinkles. Vali is the Ayurveda phrase used to explain wrinkles. Ayatha kala means ‘untimely’ or that occurring at uncommon instances. Rasa contamination may cause different illnesses additionally. Vali i.e. wrinkles must also be comparatively understood to those circumstances. A number of of these circumstances could coexist or be the reason for wrinkles. This understanding is essential for planning therapy for wrinkles.


If wrinkles are current together with disinclination / aversion in the direction of meals, tastelessness, indigestion, dangerous style or no style within the mouth, nausea, early satiety and many others (talked about amongst rasa pradoshaja rogas), the gastro-intestinal well being and digestive errors could be contributory in the direction of untimely wrinkles.

Equally the opposite signs talked about on this context like anemia, coronary heart illnesses, impotency, emaciation, tiredness, fever and many others ought to be comparatively thought-about in the event that they coexist with wrinkles.

Mala involvement in Wrinkles

It’s discovered that extreme sweating irritates the pores and skin and predisposes to formation of wrinkles on long term. The contamination of sweat carrying channels ought to be managed on the strains of treating fevers. The roots of sweat conveying channels are situated within the fats and pores of the pores and skin.

Sara Purusha and Wrinkles

Although we’re made up of all of the tissues from rasa to shukra, we might have a richness of 1 or two of these tissues. When we have now a richness of a specific tissue in relation to different tissues i.e. one highest quality tissue, we will likely be referred to as as sara purusha of that exact tissue i.e. having or made up of the perfect essence and richness of that tissue. Instance – if an individual is having good high quality and amount of muscle tissue which his or her physique sort would admit, she or he will likely be thought-about as being mamsa sara.

Among the many sara we should not have ‘rasa sara’ being defined. As a substitute of that we discover Twak Sara i.e. richness of pores and skin or an individual who has highest quality pores and skin.

Twak sara purusha can be proof against many pores and skin illnesses and pure circumstances like wrinkles (to an extent) compared to the others.

Each different individual too would have sure good options of pores and skin and rasa regardless of not belonging to that sara as a result of all of us have rasa and pores and skin. It will be significant how these folks protect, preserve and shield their rasa steadiness.

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Indicators of highest quality pores and skin / rasa tissue

The indicators discovered within the pores and skin and physique hair, each shall be thought-about for evaluation of high quality and well being of pores and skin and rasa tissue.

The pores and skin of the folks bestowed with prime quality rasa tissue will likely be unctuous, easy, mushy, charming, delicate, delicate and lustrous. Then again, the hairs of those individuals are unctuous, easy, mushy, nice, delicate, minute, sparse and deeply rooted. Grasp Sushruta opines that these folks have nice, mushy and shiny pores and skin and hairs. Grasp Kashyapa opines that these folks (kids) can be free from pores and skin illnesses, pleasure in search of, have clear and sharp options and his or her wounds would heal in fast time.

Grasp Charaka provides to this and tells that individuals having enriched rasa tissue and wholesome pores and skin are endowed with happiness (consolation), luck (fortune), wealth, luxurious, intelligence, data, good well being (illness free), pleasure and longevity.

These folks may have good pores and skin well being and immunity and won’t simply meet up with pores and skin illnesses. This additionally signifies that formation of wrinkles will likely be delayed or will likely be of lesser proportion or untimely wrinkling won’t happen. The compactness and elasticity of the pores and skin will likely be intact.

Etiology and influencing elements (trendy) and Ayurveda

Etiological elements defined in trendy drugs embrace ageing, expressions, extreme publicity to the solar and UV gentle, extreme smoking and alcoholic dependancy.

Whereas in previous age vata dominates, extreme expressions too will worsen vata, publicity to daylight would worsen vata and pitta whereas depleting kapha and fats and damaging pores and skin and muscle tissue. Extreme smoking and alcohol consumption would disturb all of the doshas, injury some tissues together with rasa and ojas and impart dangerous results on the pores and skin.

Influencing elements and doshas

Components influencing / affecting wrinkle improvement embrace –

–         publicity to the solar – would trigger imbalance of pitta and vata
–         dehydration – would imbalance vata and pitta
–         out of doors sports activities – impacts vata, vata-pitta
–         smoking – influences vata, pitta, rasa and ojas
–         environmental elements – have an effect on tridoshas
–         genetic elements – includes vata

Ayurveda Therapy Rules for Wrinkles

Nidana Parivarjana

One ought to maintain away all of the etiological elements which might trigger wrinkling of pores and skin. Outdated age can’t be prevented however managing pores and skin well being within the previous age will be deliberate and customised by speaking to an Ayurveda physician. Common oleation (exterior and inside), physique purification (with panchakarma therapies) and Rasayanas are a should, with advancing ageing.

Caring for agni, consuming good meals and preserving hydration ranges to optimum, attending to physique’s pure urges as and once they happen, adaptation to seasonal adjustments, sporting safety towards daylight, not indulging in an excessive amount of alcohol and workouts and preserving away all vata aggravating meals, life actions and stress are the perfect measures one ought to comply with to maintain up good pores and skin well being. Any illness which might possible trigger wrinkles, shall be addressed.

Anti Vata Measures

We’ve got seen that vata is the principle dosha which is answerable for inflicting wrinkles. So an efficient ‘vata care plan’ to maintain vata in a state of steadiness is the important thing to forestall or deal with wrinkles. That is very a lot important for folks of vata prakriti who are inclined to get wrinkles and untimely wrinkles sooner than the folks of different constitutions. Equally those that are inclined for vata issues ought to take common therapies for a similar. Vata balancing therapies, personalized weight loss plan protocol predominantly having heat meals primarily having candy, bitter and salt tastes with added ghee or oil, way of life modulations in order to maintain vata in a state of steadiness, relaxation / sleep and preserving away stress will immensely assist.

Vata-Pitta steadiness

Trying on the causes of the wrinkles we will perceive that pitta too could also be concerned within the causation of wrinkles together with vata. Each vata and pitta could also be concerned in sure folks. Right here each the concerned doshas shall be dealt with successfully.

Sneha Pradhana Chikitsa – for prevention and remedy of wrinkles

Therapies together with medicated oils and ghee each internally and externally are very a lot important in not solely combating the wrinkles but additionally to forestall the identical. Under talked about measures shall be used as and when wanted, both singly or in mixtures –

–         Abhyanga – natural oil therapeutic massage / anointing the physique with natural oils – ought to embrace complete physique, face, head and ft
–         Sarvanga Taila Dhara – showering or bathing the physique with streams of medicated oils or ghee (just for the physique)
–         Avagaha – tub tub with natural oils or ghee or mixture of each (just for physique)
–         Mukha lepa – facial utility of pastes made with anti-vata herbs blended with oil in order to maintain the appliance unctuous
–         Snehapana – medicated ghee or oil or mixture of each for consuming in small portions to maintain up the lubrication and moistness of the pores and skin
–         Basti – enema with medicated oils and ghee, probably the most environment friendly means of balancing vata and its hyperactivity, to maintain away the pores and skin from getting extraordinarily dry and therefore stopping wrinkles
–         Nasya – nasal instillation of medicinal oils (as drops)


Nasal remedy defined in Ayurveda has broad spectrum motion. Medicated oils instilled within the nostril recurrently will stop and remedy many pathological circumstances manifesting on the face. Additionally it is useful to maintain wrinkles in examine. Pratimarsha Nasya, a type of nasya carried out recurrently with drops instilled in very small portions will handle this situation. It’s a good treatment and prevention for untimely wrinkles. To keep away from wrinkles which would seem in previous age, one wants to begin utilizing Nasya from the center age or when one is approaching previous age with growing old signs beginning to seem. Anutaila, Shadbindu Taila or Ksheerabala Taila can be utilized for this goal.

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The morbid doshas amassed within the physique will likely be dangerous and damaging in the end of time. They must be eradicated with appropriate cleaning therapies i.e. Panchakarma therapies on occasion or as and when required. The worst injury to the pores and skin comes from vata and pitta. Vasti and Virechana administered as and when these doshas present indicators of aggravation or seasonal cleaning of those doshas even in wholesome people will give immunity to the pores and skin, protect its elasticity and well being and forestall wrinkling.

Ama pachana and Deepana

Much less digestion energy resulting in manufacturing and accumulation of ama within the system in addition to within the channels of transportation and within the cells would clog the availability of obligatory diet to the elements of the physique and would create a chance for a lot of illnesses to manifest. Wrinkles too could kind attributable to this. Medicines and measures to kindle the digestion energy and to digest ama are important when indicators of ama accumulation are seen within the physique.

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Kavala and Gandoosha

Mouth rinsing and gargles with medicated oils / oil pulling is wholesome for facial muscle tissue and pores and skin and prevents untimely wrinkling when carried out recurrently. Plain sesame oil, coconut oil or cow ghee may also be used for this goal.

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Rasayanas are all supplies (meals, medicines and many others) and strategies that are helpful in enhancing the qualities of the tissues to an optimum stage in order to contribute in the direction of a complete well being and immunity of people. Common consumption of rasayanas will assist in stopping untimely ageing, graying of hairs and wrinkling of pores and skin and would maintain the individual trying younger, energetic and going regardless of the organic age being in progress.

Some helpful Rasayanas on this context are –

–         Brahma Rasayana
–         Chyavanaprasha
–         Agastya Rasayanam
–         Triphala Rasayanam
–         Narasimha Rasayana 

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