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GOP Voters Shrug And Say There Actually Nothing You Can Do After Footage Of Trump Molesting Deer Emerges

Image for article titled GOP Voters Shrug And Say There Really Nothing You Can Do After Footage Of Trump Molesting Deer Emerges

HAMPTON BEACH, NH—Greeting the video with a combination of delicate consternation and resigned acceptance, Republican voters throughout the nation reportedly shrugged Monday and stated there was actually nothing you could possibly do after footage of Donald Trump molesting a deer emerged. “Look, did I personally need or count on to see this video of Trump wetly kissing a doe on the cheek and reaching for her groin—no, clearly not—however what am I alleged to do now? Cease supporting the man?” stated New Hampshire voter Anthony Palmieri, considered one of thousands and thousands of Trump supporters who appeared unfazed and responded, “Mainly, it’s what it’s,” after watching the 93-second video of the previous president slapping a feminine deer’s rear finish and asking if what he was doing turned her on. “I’ve been on the Trump prepare for nearly 9 years now. I’ve been via a lot already. No, I didn’t have to see Trump’s arm disappearing inside a deer’s physique. And I can’t actually cobble collectively a proof for what he was doing sticking his tongue in her ear. I suppose I might say that is simply one thing that may occur in a locker room? Or that the media made it up? Yeah, I suppose I’ll go along with that.” At press time, an more and more assured Palmieri went on to emphasize that nobody was even contemplating all of the woodland animals President Joe Biden had most likely molested.

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