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Health issue, Train, Constipation and Ayurveda

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (ay) & Dr Manasa S, B.A.M.S

Health is one among the many finest inclusions within the administration of ‘persistent constipation’. It’s one among the many 3Fs popularly carried out in successfully dealing with persistent constipation circumstances.

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However has Ayurveda too talked about health or common exercising as a method in combating persistent constipation?

The reply is – ‘in a roundabout way’. However we will catch maintain of sure clues from the pages of Ayurveda and attempt to perceive the position of health via inference.

Health, Train and Power Constipation – Ayurveda viewpoint

लाघवं कर्मसामर्थ्यं दीप्तोऽग्निः मेदसः क्षयः।
विभक्त घनगात्रत्वं व्यायामात् उपजायते॥अ.हृ.सू.२/११॥
lāghavaṃ karmasāmarthyaṃ dīpto’gniḥ medasaḥ kṣayaḥ|
vibhakta ghanagātratvaṃ vyāyāmāt upajāyate||a.hṛ.sū.2/11||

Good high quality and amount of vyayama or workouts are the secrets and techniques of balanced well being. Vyayama is included among the many dinacharya – day by day routine. Ayurveda has strongly beneficial ‘vyayama’ to be practiced every day.

‘Deepto agnih’ – kindling of digestive fireplace, is likely one of the advantages of standard vyayama.

रोगाः सर्वेऽपि मन्देऽग्नौ सुतरामुदराणि च।
अजीर्णान्मलिनैश्चान्नैर्जायन्ते मलसंचयात्॥वा.नि.१२॥
rogāḥ sarve’pi mande’gnau sutarāmudarāṇi ca|
ajīrṇānmalinaiścānnairjāyante malasaṃcayāt||vā.ni.12||

Most ailments that we undergo in our lifetime are brought about as a consequence of imbalances within the agni, primarily sluggish digestive fireplace / exercise. Sluggish digestion will result in formation of ama, mala sanchaya – accumulation of excreta, and dosha vaishamya – imbalance of doshas and subsequently trigger a wide selection of issues. Common train is likely one of the finest approaches to have the intestine fireplace in a state of steadiness.

A balanced agni will correctly digest the meals. In actual fact, the reception, differentiation, digestion, absorption and assimilation – all these are below the management of agni. The pachaka pitta and samana vata are the dosha subtypes which monitor the steadiness of agni by correctly finishing up these actions pertaining to agni.

When the digestive fireplace is balanced and intact, all 4 forms of meals that we eat i.e. meals that are swallowed, chewable, drinkable and lick-able – are digested correctly. Consequently the excreta are additionally shaped correctly. Correct digestion of meals is an important step within the correct and well timed formation and excretion of feces.

Formation of malas – excreta and their differentiation into feces, urine and sweat can be below the management of agni / pitta within the intestine.

When the feces are correctly shaped additionally it is excreted correctly frequently with out being withheld within the physique. Common and well timed excretion is caused by the apana vata, samana vata and pachaka pitta.

The lubrication to the feces is obtained by the kledaka kapha, pachaka pitta and ranjaka pitta within the higher intestine. All these would facilitate simple defecation. This may additionally maintain the capabilities of apana vata and different forms of vata in a state of steadiness.

So, in individuals who train repeatedly, digestion of meals takes place correctly, feces is shaped repeatedly and correctly and is eradicated in correct time with out effort and retains the intestine well being and total well being intact. These individuals wouldn’t undergo from constipation.

Common train additionally would assist in correct excretion of different malas i.e. urine and sweat. It could regulate peristalsis – the perform of samana vata and pachaka pitta. These exercising repeatedly would additionally maintain their hydration ranges balanced by consuming water repeatedly and adequately. All these collectively would assist in holding constipation at bay.

To sum up,

समदोष समाग्निश्च समधातुमलक्रियः।
प्रसन्न आत्मेन्द्रियमनः स्वस्थ इत्यभिधीयते॥सु.सू.१५/४१॥
samadoṣa samāgniśca samadhātumalakriyaḥ|
prasanna ātmendriyamanaḥ svastha ityabhidhīyate||su.sū.15/41||

Equilibrium and steadiness of all of the three doshas, steadiness of digestive fireplace, steadiness of physique tissues, correct and well timed elimination of waste substances, pleasantness of soul, senses and thoughts are determinants of ‘swastha’ i.e. state of being wholesome or wellbeing.

Right here we will see that every one these entities are interrelated. If there’s equilibrium of doshas and digestive capability, the meals might be digested correctly. It will result in correct nourishment and steadiness of physique tissues and likewise formation and expulsion of excreta, which incorporates feces. All these would maintain the soul, senses and thoughts in a state of pleasantness and well being. All these sum as much as present a state of bodily, psychological, sensual and emotional wellbeing of a person. However for the steadiness of all these entities, steadiness of agni is a should.

For all these items to be achieved it is necessary that one retains match and wholesome. Common train is the muse for assembly the aim of ‘good wellbeing’.

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