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Humorous Voting Quotes and Humorous Election Quotes

If voting weren’t such an enormous deal, there would not be so many actually humorous voting quotes and election quotes. So take pleasure in these whilst you make a plan to make a distinction.

Humorous Voting Quotes, Group 1

Drain Commissioner?

Funny Voting Quotes: Election yard sign saying," I like Mike Revard for Drain Commissioner." 
Caption below sign: "He must really need a job"

The U.S. is 240 years previous. No marvel we’ve problem reaching and sustaining an election.
– Rick Aaron

Democracy have to be one thing greater than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.
– James Bovard, Civil Libertarian

We might all wish to vote for the most effective man, however he is by no means a candidate.
– Kin Hubbard

America is a spot the place any child who grows up and befriends an insane billionaire to purchase advertisements for them could be President.
– Andy Borowitz

Humorous Voting Quotes, Group 2

Voting for the Libertarian candidate is precisely the identical as staying house, besides that it entails going open air.
– Gail Collins

come all the way down to Florida on a regular basis. Most of them, ultimately,
determine to go away, however the silly ones can’t work out how to do that. So
they continue to be, and in time are issued ballots.

– Dave Barry

One of the best argument towards democracy is a 5 minute dialog with the typical voter.
– Winston Churchill

They maintain elections in November as a result of it’s the most effective time for selecting out a turkey.
– Maxine (from Hallmark)

I vote as a result of it offers me the precise to complain in regards to the consequence.
– WhatserName™ @IamEveryDayPpl

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Humorous Voting Quotes, Group 3

If God had wished us to vote, he’d have given us candidates.
– Jay Leno

We’ve got a presidential election developing. The large drawback, after all, is that somebody will win.
– Barry Crimmins

I haven’t voted since 1964, once I voted for Lyndon Johnson, the Peace candidate.
– Gore Vidal

It’s not the voting that’s democracy, it’s the counting.
– Tom Stoppard

Half of the American folks have by no means learn a newspaper. Half have by no means voted for president. One hopes it’s the identical half.
– Gore Vidal

In democracy it is your vote that counts; In feudalism it is your depend that votes.
– Mogens Jallberg

Funny voting quotes: "Vote Early and Vote Often" - Al Capone

Humorous Voting Quotes, Group 4

I’d by no means run for president. I’ve considered it, and the one motive I’m not is that I’m scared no girl would come ahead and say she’d had intercourse with me.
– Garry Shandling

I do not like the concept of some TV debates deciding the election. That is what the billion {dollars} of assault advertisements are for.
– Andy Borowitz

Figuring out how protected very important American pc methods are towards hackers, I’m ready for the Election Day the display screen tells me my candidate is caught in Nigeria, and desperately wants a cash order to get house and take workplace.
– Kevin Baker

Maybe as an alternative of voter ID legal guidelines, the USA would possibly need to attempt voter IQ legal guidelines.
– Kelkulus ‏@kelkulus

Elections within the US make us ask the identical query we ask of on-line relationship: is that this actually all that is on the market?
– Andy Borowitz

Do you ever get the sensation that the one motive we’ve elections is to seek out out if the polls have been proper?
– Robert Orben

Humorous Voting Quotes, Group 5

One thing I love to do once I’m voting is inform to show to the particular person on the stall subsequent to me and whisper, “What did you place for quantity 3?”
– Abe Yospe @Cheeseboy22

That they had us insert our accomplished ballots into one thing that appeared rather a lot like a shredder.
– William Ader

Within the final election, 95 million folks took time without work from work to vote, and 60 million of them did.
– Unknown Writer

If voting modified something, they’d make it unlawful.
– Emma Goldman

I by no means vote for anybody. I all the time vote towards.
– W.C. Fields

Our household structure offers a veto to the ladies’s caucus, and there’s no override provision.
– Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana, asserting that he wouldn’t search the Republican nomination for president, partly as a result of his spouse and 4 daughters had deep reservations about campaigning.

Humorous Election Quotes, Group 6

Election yard sign: Vote Jill Cranney-Gage for Mosquito Control Board District 1.
Caption below sign: This election bugs me.

It is election time, and as soon as once more you need to keep in mind, is not it wonderful what number of huge open areas there are, totally surrounded by tooth?
– Henny Youngman

You must keep in mind one factor in regards to the will of the folks: it wasn’t that way back that we have been swept away by the Macarena.
– Jon Stewart

A idiot and his cash are quickly elected.
– Will Rogers

Voting is like selecting your favourite mosquito out of a swarm.
– Maxine, of CrabbyRoad, by Hallmark

Those that forged the votes determine nothing. Those that depend the votes determine all the pieces.
– Joseph Stalin

Voting on this election is like making an attempt to determine which avenue mime to cease and watch.
– Whitney Brown

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