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It is a basic Cajun joke…

It is a basic Cajun joke. A pirogue is a shallow flat backside boat widespread in Louisiana.

Ol’ Thibodeaux was sitting on his porch sooner or later lookin over da bayou, when he spied ol’ Boudreaux comin by in his pirogue. He mentioned, “Boudreaux, what you bought in dat boat wit you?”

Boudreaux mentioned, “I bought me some duck tape.”

“The place you going wit dat duck tape?” requested Thibodeaux.

Boudreaux mentioned, “I’m taking place to da marsh.”

“What you gonna do with duck tape in da marsh?

“I’m gonna catch me some geese.”

“Now, maintain on, Thibodeaux, you possibly can’t catch with no geese with no duck tape.”

“Properly you watch me.” says Boudreaux, and he goes on by.

Just a few hours later, Boudreaux comes again from da marsh with an enormous pile of geese in his pirogue, and he simply waves at Thibodeaux.

Da subsequent day, Boudreaux passes once more, and dis time, he’s bought a field of nutra-sweet within the pirogue. Thibodeaux says, “Boudreaux, the place you going wit dat nutra-sweet?”

Boudreaux says, “I’m taking place to da marsh to catch me some nutria rats.”

“Now maintain on, Boudreaux.” says Thibodeaux. “You may’t catch Nutria rats with Nutra candy.”

“Properly you watch me.” says Broudreaux, and he goes on his means.

Just a few hours later, Boudreaux comes again, and he has an enormous pile of Nutria rats in his bayou. He simply waves as he passes Thibodeaux.

The following day, Boudreaux is passing by Thibodreaux once more, and Thibodeaux says, “Hey Boudreaux, the place you going immediately?”

Boudreaux says, “I’m going into city.”

“Properly what you bought in dat boat with you?”

Boudreaux solutions, “I bought me some pussy willows.”

“Now maintain, Boudreaux.” says Thibodeaux. “I’ll get my hat and go wit you.”

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