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No, You Should not Toast Bread within the Air Fryer

My household is bizarre about toasters. My stepmom and I lengthy insisted that the toaster is a redundant and pointless equipment—you may toast bread beneath the broiler—whereas my father and boyfriend would a lot favor entry to the devoted unitasker. My mother and father now have a toaster, nonetheless, and I’m not far behind. (The boys win this spherical.) Although I’ve been toasting all my bread within the air fryer, I just lately needed to admit to myself that it makes horrible toast.

Air fryers dry out toast

A toaster is a straightforward equipment that works by browning a slice of bread on either side with direct, radiant warmth. If it’s an honest toaster, this ends in evenly toasted bread. An air fryer additionally makes use of direct, radiant warmth, however solely from the highest down. Which means just one aspect of your toast is seeing that warmth at any given second. That is clearly solved by flipping the bread midway by means of, which is a minor inconvenience, however not my predominant challenge with air-fryer toast. My massive gripe is these darned whipping winds.

Air fryers are nice at getting meals crispy as a result of they’re nice at drying. The recent, circulating air effectively removes moisture, which is why it’s such equipment for re-heating french fries (or making SPAM fries). It’s, nonetheless, not nice for toast, as those self same sizzling gusts take away moisture out of your bread, leaving it dry and cracker-like, as a substitute of tender however toasted.

How one can toast bread within the air fryer

If you’re decided to toast bread in your air fryer, slice it thick, select a reasonably moist bread, and hold an in depth eye on it. It’s also possible to lean into the textural side and make one large crouton. Nobody could possibly be mad at an enormous crouton. I, nonetheless, can be buying a toaster. What in regards to the broiler, you ask? Effectively, flipping midway by means of actually is inconvenient if you happen to’re cooking one thing along with the toast.

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