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Occult Practices, Detrimental Ideas of Others, Affecting Well being

Will different individuals’s negativity have an effect on us? What if somebody has completed occult practices towards us? What finest can we do to forestall or deal with it? 

Dr JV Hebbar 
As per Ayurveda and beliefs of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), sure, different individuals’s negativity will have an effect on our physique and thoughts. It may possibly present in poor health results within the type of illness with signs like nausea, vomiting, steady digestive problems with none cause, headache, lack of sleep, nervousness, phobia, unexplained fever, extreme irrelevant ideas and so on. 

The right way to deal with it? 
Panchakarma: In Ayurveda, any illness has an imbalance of Doshas. Primarily based on the dosha aggravation, Panchakarma remedy is finished first. 
Vomiting remedy (Vamana) in case of excessive Kapha dosha – lack of willingness to eat, heaviness, chilly, cough with sputum and so on. 
Purgation remedy (Virechana) in case of excessive Pitta dosha – extra sweating, burning sensation, coronary heart burn, migraine, bitter belching and so on. 
Enema remedy (Basti) in case of excessive Vata – aches and pains, weak point, steady ideas and so on. 

Upakarma: Together with these, nasal drops, shiro dhara, head therapeutic massage, oil therapeutic massage (Abhyanga) with sweating remedy and so on. are additionally completed. 

Ayurvedic medicines: Normally medicines like 
Vilwadi gulika
Sanjivani vati
Kai Visha Parihari drugs
Maha Kalyanaka Ghrita
Maha Paishachika ghrita
Dhanwantharam Gulika and so on. are suggested.   

Divine Therapies: Ayurveda explains about Daivya Vyapashraya Chikitsa. Learn extra about it right here. It mentions about utilizing Mantra, Shloka, Pooja, Homa and so on. non secular and spiritual rituals to deal with such situations. 
At Simple Ayurveda Hospital,  I recommendation my shoppers with such complaints as under – 
If elders within the household had vowed to do a sure Pooja or Homa and haven’t completed that but, please try this. 
Seek the advice of the senior spiritual professional of your faith and do the spiritual ritual that’s suggested by him. 
Seek the advice of an astrologer and do the Pooja that he / she suggests primarily based in your horoscope. 
If an annual Pooja / Homa that was completed at house is stopped for some cause, it’s value re-starting it, after session with associated spiritual masters. 
Go to a temple as Teertha Yatra (Pilgrimage) at the least annually with household. 
Do a Homa or Pooja at residence with household at the least annually

Other than these, Divine Park recommends that, for the 24 hours that God provides us as reward on a regular basis, we must always spend 24 minutes per day in some non secular / spiritual practices. It may be within the type of chanting Mantras, Stotras, Shloka, Bhajan and so on. 

By doing the above issues, we create a protecting aura round us, which is able to assist to forestall in poor health results of different individuals’s deeds on our thoughts and physique. 

Together with the above, at our hospital, we additionally incorporate Yoga and Pranayama, with the assistance of Dr Pooja to enhance self-worth, braveness and to alleviate nervousness and concern. 

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