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Pramathi Annapana, That means, Context, Scientific utility

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa S, B.A.M.S

Pramathi Annapana – What’s it?

The phrase Annapana has two phrases in it, Anna – means stable meals and Pana – means liquid meals. These two phrases cowl virtually all the pieces we eat and drink every day. Although there are 4 sorts of meals in line with Ayurveda, these two are the primary sorts of meals we devour virtually each day.

Once we have a look at ‘Pramathi Annapana’ it seems to be like a specialised meals directed in the direction of some therapeutic motion. Very hardly ever some particular phrases like ‘pramathi’ are added as prefixes or suffixes with ‘annapana’. When used, it signifies robust and obligatory inclusion.

Pramathi which means

निज वीर्येन यद् द्रव्यं स्रोतोभ्यो दोष सञ्चयं।
निरस्यति प्रमाथि स्यात् तद्यथा मरीचं वचा।शा.सं.४/२४।
nija vīryena yad dravyaṃ srotobhyo doṣa sañcayaṃ|
nirasyati pramāthi syāt tadyathā marīcaṃ vacā|śā.saṃ.4/24|

Any drug / herb which expels the accrued doshas or malas from the inner channels of the physique on account of their particular exercise and efficiency is known as as Pramathi Dravya. Examples – Maricha – Piper nigrum and Vacha – Acorus calamus.

Going into the deeper which means of the phrase ‘pramathi’ we will perceive that the medication which carry this property would take away blocks from the channels within the physique. Seeing their broader idea, they can be utilized to take away clots from the blood vessels or for decongestant motion.

This verse doesn’t point out using pramathi dravyas in remedy of constipation, which can be an obstruction occurring within the colon.

However the phrase pramathi has been used together with annadravya by Grasp Charaka. This exhibits that other than maricha and vacha, there are additionally some meals which have ‘pramathi’ motion and act on the rules of the identical.

Context of Pramathi Annapana

पक्वाशयशिरःशूलं वातवर्चोऽप्रवर्तनम् | पिण्डिsकोद्वेष्टनाध्मानं पुरीषे स्याद्विधारिते||
स्वेदाभ्यङ्गावगाहाश्च वर्तयो बस्तिकर्म च| हितं प्रतिहते वर्चस्यन्नपानं प्रमाथि च||च.सू.७/८,९ ||
pakvāśayaśiraḥśūlaṃ vātavarco’pravartanam | piṇḍiskodveṣṭanādhmānaṃ purīṣe syādvidhārite||
svedābhyaṅgāvagāhāśca vartayo bastikarma ca| hitaṃ pratihate varcasyannapānaṃ pramāthi ca||ca.sū.7/8,9 ||

Within the context of remedy of ‘Pureesha Vega Avarodha Janya Vyadhi’, consumption of ‘Pramathi Annapana’ has been talked about. Pureesha Vega Avarodha means forcible withholding of urge to defecate. This causes imbalance of vata which might transfer in its irregular course i.e. upward course and trigger udavarta illness. Constipation is without doubt one of the signs produced because of ‘ordinary follow of withholding defecation reflex’. Pramathi Annapana are these meals and drinks which assist in clearing the obstructions induced within the channels of the physique. Right here, these meals would act on the precept of Pramathi Dravya.

On this case the ‘pramathi annapana’ would take away the obstruction within the colon i.e. constipation. So, any meals and drinks which might relieve constipation and stability vata are pramathi in nature.

Signs of or illnesses attributable to Pureesha Vega Dharana i.e. suppression of urge to defecate

–         Pakvashaya shula – Ache in colon / stomach colic
–         Shirashula – Headache
–         Vata varcho apravartanam – Non elimination / retention of feces and flatus
–         Pindikodveshtanam – Cramps within the calf muscle tissues
–         Adhmanam – Distension of the stomach

Pramathi Annapana, other than relieving constipation and eradicating blocks / obstruction within the colon, would additionally relieve the opposite signs / illnesses attributable to forcible suppression of defecation reflex talked about above.

The opposite remedy choices for these situations embody –

–         Swedana – Sudation / fomentation
–         Abhyanga – Therapeutic massage with natural oils,
–         Avagaha – Sitz bathtub / tub bathtub or immersion in medicated liquids like decoctions, oils and many others ready with vata mitigating herbs

–         Varti – Suppositories
–         Bastikarma – Therapeutic enema

Pramathi Annapana works in constipation in the very best approach with common follow. These laxative meals together with the above-mentioned therapies, when skillfully administered, would yield good leads to remedy of continual constipation.

Research and analysis works in shortlisting and categorizing pramathi annapana are required on this course.

Can fiber meals be thought of as Pramathi Annapana?

Some meals wealthy in soluble fibers and a few insoluble fibers could also be thought of underneath pramathi annapana.

Meals cooked with greens like carrot, beetroot, cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli and inexperienced leafy greens like palak leaves, lettuce and many others. talked about above, and meals having complete grains and meals like coconut water, buttermilk, lemon water and inexperienced tea could also be thought of as pramathi annapana.

Extreme fibres can also trigger vata aggravation. Due to this fact, it’s at all times crucial to know the constraints of utilizing fibers within the remedy of constipation. Fiber wealthy meals shall be a component and parcel of ‘constipation remedy’ and never the primary remedy.

Fiber wealthy meals shall be heated, boiled or processed with vata assuaging herbs, appetizers, digestant medicines, oil and ghee, salt and addition of bitter substances in order to keep away from the mistaken results of fibers in these affected by constipation.

Fiber meals are dry in nature. That’s the reason that they’ll enhance vata when utilized in extra. It will be significant that the fiber meals shall be candy in style and candy or bitter in ‘publish digestion impact’. Or fiber meals with oily elements must be chosen. Solely such fiber meals are useful in balancing vata and curing constipation.

Root causes of constipation must be traced and remoted. Dosha and illness particular medicines, food regimen and therapies are the primary methods for treating constipation and fiber meals are small inclusions. Vata aggravating etiological elements shall be prevented. One shouldn’t withhold pure urges of the physique. The causative elements liable for udavarta, adhmana, atopa and anaha too shall be prevented.

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