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Prime 40 Humorous Life Quotes

Humorous life quotes and free clear jokes. Sufficient humorous stuff to make your life move earlier than your eyes…in a complete new method. Take two dozen and name me within the afterlife.

Funny Life Quotes: "Life does come with a set of instructions. Unfortunately they're from Ikea."

Humorous Quotes:
“Life,” Group 1

Positive, everybody at all times mentioned “Socrates what’s the that means of life?”
“Socrates how can I discover happiness?” Did anybody ever say
hemlock is poison?”

– Unknown Creator

I didn’t imagine in reincarnation in my previous life, and I nonetheless don’t.
– Woody Allen

The toughest factor about life is that now and again you need to do issues so you’ve one thing to tweet about.
– Andy Borowitz

lifespan of the residents of Monaco is a number of years longer than the
individuals of Japan or Italy. That is proof that casinos are good for you.

– Greg Tamblyn

The one thriller in life is why the kamikaze pilots wore helmets.
– Al McGuire

I am spending a yr lifeless for tax causes.
– Douglas Adams

Humorous Life Quotes
Group 2

Settle for that some days you’re the pigeon, and a few days you’re the statue.
– David Brent

I have to confess, I used to be born at a really early age.
– Groucho Marx

The realisation that one is to be hanged within the morning concentrates the thoughts splendidly.
– Samuel Johnson

Not solely is life a bitch, however it’s at all times having puppies.
– Adrienne Gusoff

Life is a tricky proposition, and the primary hundred years are the toughest.
– Wilson Mizner

Life is a curler coaster trip with no lap bar.
– Greg Tamblyn

The Secret To Life: Making Positive

You Have Sufficient Enchilada Sauce.

Photo of a license plate montage spelling out "The Whole Enchilada"

Humorous Life Quotes
Group 3

Unusual as it could appear, my life is predicated on a real story.
– Ashleigh Good

I’ve a sense that when my ship is available in, I will be on the airport.
– Charles M. Schulz

To err is human; to forgive, rare.
– Franklin P. Adams

Life is a sexually transmitted illness and the mortality fee is 100%.
– R.D. Laing

If life was honest, Elvis could be alive and all of the impersonators could be lifeless.
– Johnny Carson

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Free Clear Jokes:
Group 4

Within the sport of life it is a good suggestion to have a couple of early losses, which relives you of the stress of making an attempt to take care of an undefeated season.
– Lee Trevino

I’d prefer to advance to the subsequent religious airplane, however I can’t discover my boarding move.
– Melanie White

Insert software P into gap V and screw gently.
If you happen to by accident insert into gap A, merely take away and take a look at once more.
– IKEA Information to Life ‏@IKEALifeGuide

Life is difficult, but it surely’s more durable when you’re silly.
– Michael Crichton

My one remorse in life is that I’m not another person.
– Woody Allen

Life is sort of a dogsled crew. If you happen to ain’t the lead canine, the surroundings by no means modifications.
– Lewis Grizzard

The pioneers get the arrows, the settlers get the land.
– Unknown writer

Humorous Stuff:
“Life” Group 5

Autocorrect simply modified “my life” to the poop emoji.
– Kent Graham ‏@KentWGraham

I do not need to personal something that will not match into my coffin.
– Fred Allen

When your spouse guarantees you that each one her family members might be in heaven, it begins to sound so much like hell.
– (from a cartoon by Tim Lachowski)

Regardless of the price of dwelling, have you ever observed the way it stays so standard?
– Nameless

Life is like asking the pilot of an airplane, “The place are we?” By the point he solutions, you’re not there anymore.
– Phil Proctor

All I need is my life to be a comedy with a contented ending.
– Greg Tamblyn

Most of life is driving someplace after which driving again and questioning why the hell you went.
– John Updike

"To enjoy life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks."
- Robert A. Heinlein

Humorous Life Quotes
Group 6

Life just isn’t too dangerous when you have loads of luck, a great physique, and never an excessive amount of creativeness.
– Christopher Sherwood

After we keep in mind we’re all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands defined.
– Mark Twain

There’s delivery, there’s loss of life, and in between there’s upkeep.
– Tom Robbins

There may be nothing extra exhilarating than to be shot at with out end result.
– Winston Churchill

I used to be smart sufficient to by no means develop up whereas fooling most individuals into believing I had.
– Margaret Mead

Life is one duct tape job after one other, interrupted by occasional chocolate chip cookies.
– Greg Tamblyn

Life is sort of a field of hand grenades, you by no means know what’s going to blow you to kingdom come.
– Mario Puzo

“Life is like arriving late for a film, having to determine what was occurring with out bothering all people with numerous questions, after which being unexpectedly known as away earlier than you learn how it ends.”
– Joseph Campbell

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