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Ten Grapes I Ate Anyway

1. Grape I dropped in onion dip

The beauty of grapes is how simply they wipe off. I didn’t wipe this one off although, as a result of I like onion dip and figured what the hell. It was not nice.

2. Grape that went below the fridge

I deserted the “5 second rule” for a zero tolerance coverage once we received a cat. Seems cats will stroll in your kitchen flooring moments after strolling by way of a pile of sand the place they go to the lavatory. However I swear the grape bounced off my knee and shot instantly below the fridge, with out touching some other a part of the ground. And the cat can’t match below the fridge.

So I wiped off (once more, really easy to do) the fuzz and crumbs and, I wish to say, a tiny sliver of sweet cane, although I haven’t purchased sweet canes since Christmas 2019, and popped it into my mouth. Tasty.

3. Grape that rolled below the sofa

Okay, the cat can match below the sofa. However I used to be having a Tremendous Bowl get together and a few of us have been pretending the grapes from the fruit tray that Derrick’s girlfriend Jenni introduced have been tiny footballs, and Derrick’s cross bounced off my fingers (in my protection, one hand was holding a beer) and settled beneath the sofa. I by no means would have eaten it, however Derrick wager me twenty bucks I wouldn’t with out wiping off the cat hair, and that beer I discussed was my fifth earlier than halftime, so down the hatch. Don’t suggest.

4. Free grape at grocery store

Didn’t pay for it, however ate it. What– It wasn’t hooked up to the bunch. You telling me somebody was going to purchase one orphan grape? Come on.

5. Grape discovered inside my shirt

How did it even get there, proper? My greatest guess is on the grocery store. Okay, it was a handful of orphan grapes. Possibly once I tipped my head again to funnel them in, one missed my mouth and slipped inside my shirt? You’d assume I’d discover it someday earlier than going to mattress that evening, however life’s loopy. Had already brushed my tooth, however ate it anyway. Felt rebellious.

6. Grape supplied to me by the little brother of a lady I preferred

The child appeared good sufficient, however… he was a child. Have you ever seen children with meals? There was a fifty-fifty likelihood each a type of grapes he was carrying round had been swirled round in his mouth and spat again into the bowl.

I ignored an apparent crimson flag when the lady I preferred didn’t take one as a result of she was “full.” Too full for a grape? Okay, Jenni (yep, Derrick’s Jenni. However this was means earlier than she met Derrick. I’m positive she’s informed him I had a crush on her, although. He appears to be further affectionate together with her when he is aware of I can see them. You recognize, I wager he needed that grape to roll below the sofa, then dared me to eat it so I’d look silly in entrance of Jenni. Son of a bitch).

The grape was very juicy. Hoped none of that juice was saliva.

7. Grape I choked on whereas enjoying the “toss it and catch it along with your mouth” recreation

My good friend and I have been on the park and I missed like fifteen occasions earlier than catching one, however it slid proper into my windpipe and I couldn’t breathe till a stranger rushed over and Heimliched me whereas my good friend—Derrick—simply watched with a small smile on his face. Jesus, Derrick, nothing occurred between me and Jenni!

I had hocked up the grape into the filth subsequent to an overflowing trash can, however I popped it again in my mouth so it didn’t assume it had overwhelmed me.

8. A grape on a pizza

I shit you not. My dad received this pizza oven for Christmas, and at any time when he has us over it’s freaking Pizzapalooza and he’ll throw something on there. I had simply began acknowledging pineapple as a topping as a result of my girlfriend Jenny insists on it (her identify being Jenny—with a Y, by the best way—is a coincidence, and never almost as bizarre as Derrick makes it out to be), so I reluctantly gave it a whirl.

Made me swear off not solely grapes on pizza, but additionally rescind my tenuous approval of pineapple. If which means I’ve to search out one other Jen—one other girlfriend, so be it.

9 & 10. A wax grape.

I used to be three. Then fourteen.



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