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The reason why one ought to take correct amount of meals?

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa S, B.A.M.S

We at all times have a doubt as to what’s the preferrred amount of meals.

Best amount of meals will depend on a number of elements and differs from individual to individual. Structure of people, consuming habits and geography (habitat) of the persons are the elements which must be thought-about to determine the best amount of meals.

So the amount of meals is furthermore ‘individualized’ and is extra private.

On this context after we discuss ‘matra yukta ahara’ i.e. ‘correct or preferrred amount of meals’, we’re discussing it from a given particular person’s perspective and never ‘extra normal’. However the rule is identical for every particular person and is relevant for the amount of meals which they take and which fits them in order to maintain their well being in a state of stability.

So, the best amount of meals for a given particular person can be a ‘wholesome amount’ for a similar particular person.

Want for taking meals in correct / preferrred amount – what Ayurveda says?

Ayurveda at all times advocates consumption of meals in correct amount.

मात्राशी सर्वकालं स्यान्मात्रा ह्यग्नेः प्रवर्तिका।
मात्रां द्रव्याण्यपेक्षन्ते गुरूण्यपि लघून्यपि॥अ.हृ.सू.८/१॥
mātrāśī sarvakālaṃ syānmātrā hyagneḥ pravartikā|
mātrāṃ dravyāṇyapekṣante gurūṇyapi laghūnyapi||a.hṛ.sū.8/1||

Grasp Vagbhata says that one ought to eat solely the correct amount of meals always and in all given situations.

What’s the cause why this must be finished?

Consuming meals in the proper amount is necessary as a result of it’s this meals (i.e. proper amount of meals) which at all times kindles (prompts) the agni i.e. digestion energy of a person.

Additionally, the meals substances depend upon the ‘specified amount of consumption’ i.e. to get digested correctly, the meals depend upon the required amount of consumption. This rule applies for each, guru dravya i.e. heavy to digest meals (meals that are tough for digestion) and laghu dravya i.e. mild to digest meals (meals which might be simply digested).

Now, trying deep into this context we will conclude that one must at all times eat meals in correct amount, the one preferrred for her or him, in situations of each well being and illness.

The phrase sarvakalam signifies {that a} correct amount of meals ought to at all times be consumed and it’s necessary. This additionally displays the unsaid half i.e. consumption of correct amount of meals shouldn’t be occasional or as and when doable. It must be by alternative, at all times, all instances and in all situations and one ought to get habituated to this rule. It’s all about coaching ourselves and our intestine and never deflecting from regular proportions.

Matra hello agneh pravartakah – Right here we will see that the grasp has pressured upon the truth that ‘solely that meals taken in correct amount will enrich the digestive hearth’. The unsaid which means is – ‘meals taken in lower than or greater than the correct (preferrred) amount of meals will fail to kindle the digestive hearth’. Much less meals won’t fulfill the hearth and extra meals will dilute the power of the hearth. So, one ought to at all times eat meals in regular and correct portions.

Additionally the grasp tells that each types of meals i.e. heavy and light-weight meals depend upon the amount of meals. This implies to say that each sorts of meals must be consumed in correct portions to get correctly digested. It’s not like we must be acutely aware in regards to the amount of heavy meals and be informal about lighter meals. We must be severely acutely aware in regards to the amount of each sorts of meals. Even lighter meals when consumed in massive portions would possibly develop into a troublemaker. The abdomen doesn’t digest massive portions of meals simply simply because they’re mild in nature. Right here too we have to observe that the ‘amount of meals’ performs a serious position and is a big consideration.

Matra Pramana – technique of taking heavy and light-weight meals, Definition of correct amount of meals

गुरूणामर्धसौहित्य लघूनां नातितृप्तता।
मात्राप्रमाणं निर्दिष्टं सुख यावद्विजीर्यति॥अ.हृ.सू.८/२॥
gurūṇāmardhasauhitya laghūnāṃ nātitṛptatā|
mātrāpramāṇaṃ nirdiṣṭaṃ sukha yāvadvijīryati||a.hṛ.sū.8/2||

Guru Ahara (heavy or laborious to digest meals) – The amount of heavy meals is ‘ardha sauhitya’ i.e. they need to be consumed to half of 1’s most (abdomen) capability is achieved i.e. till half satiation is achieved.

Laghu Ahara (mild to digest meals) – The amount of sunshine meals is ‘na ati triptata’ i.e. they need to be consumed until one isn’t too / completely satiated. One ought to cease consuming mild meals when the abdomen isn’t but full.

Matra Pramana (correct / proper amount of meals) – The right / preferrred amount of meals for a given particular person is ‘sukham yavad vijiryati’ i.e. that amount of meals which undergoes digestion simply (with out inflicting any bother).

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