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Which means, Causes, Signs, Prevention, Remedy, Ayurveda understanding

Article by Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

What’s Haematuria?

Haematuria is a medical situation whereby there’s ‘blood within the urine’. Haematuria isn’t a illness by itself however signifies an underlying medical situation.

The causes for haematuria can vary from infections, illnesses of kidney, urinary bladder, prostate gland or some other illnesses. Blood within the urine wants a correct analysis for the causes to be handled successfully.

Sorts of haematuria

There are two major kinds of haematuria:

Gross haematuria – It’s a situation the place there’s sufficient blood within the urine and urine seems pink or pink and urine has seen spots of blood.

Microscopic haematuria – When the quantity of blood within the urine is small and can’t be seen with the bare eyes and could be seen solely below the microscope is termed as microscopic haematuria.

Causes of Haematuria

Causes of haematuria could be as a result of well being points associated to kidney, urinary bladder, prostate gland or different underlying well being situations.

Few of the commonest causes of haematuria embody –

Infections of kidney and urinary tract – An infection to the elements of urinary tract kinds the most important causative elements of haematuria. An infection to the urinary tract is related to ache, fever, chills, urinary urgency and there could also be gross or microscopic haematuria.

Stones current in urinary bladder or kidneys – One more widespread explanation for haematuria is stones within the bladder or kidney. Stones are crystals which are fashioned from the minerals current within the urine. These stones could be developed within the kidney or urinary bladder and if they’re giant sufficient to trigger the blockage within the urinary tract it typically leads to haematuria and important ache.

Sure kidney problems of the kidney like glomerulonephritis – Irritation of the kidney may cause haematuria. In youngsters aged between 6 to 10 years, put up streptococcal glomerulonephritis might trigger haematuria. This situation usually develops 2 to three weeks after an improperly handled or untreated streptococcal an infection. Haematuria due to this an infection isn’t seen these days for the reason that antibiotics given after early analysis and therapy can handle the underlying an infection successfully.

Prostatic enlargement – Prostate is a gland located beneath the urinary bladder and close to the urethra. When the prostate will get enlarged, which is very often seen in center aged or older males, it places a stress on the urethra and compresses it. This tends to trigger issues with urination and would possibly forestall the bladder from emptying utterly. As urine isn’t utterly voided the extra residual urine left again within the bladder harbours the expansion of the micro organism and different pathogens resulting in an infection and subsequently results in presence of blood within the urine.

Most cancers of urinary bladder, kidney or prostate – Haematuria in circumstances of most cancers of kidney, bladder or prostate could be seen within the superior levels of the most cancers.

Sexual exercise – Current sexual exercise might trigger irritation on the urinary tract and would possibly trigger haematuria.

Different causes

–         Irritation of the bladder
–         Viral hepatitis
–         Endometriosis
–         Inherited illnesses resembling sickle cell anaemia and cystic kidney illness
–         Haemophilia
–         Polycystic kidney illness
–         An harm to the kidney from accidents or sports activities
–         Extreme and excessive depth workouts|
–         Sure drugs resembling aspirin, heparin, penicillin, and cyclophosphamide

Indicators and signs of haematuria

Together with blood within the urine, the opposite doable indicators of haematuria are –

–         Fever
–         Chills
–         Burning sensation whereas voiding of urine
–         Painful micturitio
–         A powerful urge to urinate
–         Nausea and vomiting
–         Weight reduction
–         Complaints of ache within the decrease stomach, decrease again, pelvis
–         Hypertension
–         Swelling within the physique together with puffiness across the eyes

Who’s extra vulnerable to develop haematuria?

There are particular issues that make a person extra vulnerable to develop haematuria. These threat elements embody –

–         Household historical past of kidney illness
–         Affected by urinary tract an infection
–         Being center aged or older
–         Few drugs resembling antibiotics, blood thinners, and painkillers.
–         People who find themselves lengthy distance runners or concerned involved sports activities


Haematuria is a criticism and never a illness by itself. So, identification of the underlying trigger kinds an necessary protocol within the efficient therapy of haematuria. Healthcare employees recommendation a number of of the next assessments to return to a transparent understanding of the causative elements for haematuria and these embody –

–         Urine evaluation
–         Urine tradition and sensitivity
–         Full blood rely
–         Blood creatinine degree
–         Checks for sickle cell, bleeding issues, and different bleeding problems
–         Antinuclear antibody take a look at for lupus

Different assessments –

–         Stomach scan
–         CT scan of the stomach
–         Kidney biopsy
–         Cystoscopy

Remedy of haematuria

The widespread line of therapy for haematuria is as below –

Oral or intravenous administration of antibiotics
Process to take away or crush the stones of the urinary tract
Administration of medicines to shrink the enlarged prostate
Dialysis, remedy, or surgical procedure to deal with the underlying kidney illness
Most cancers therapy of the affected elements of the tract which incorporates remedy, radiation and surgical procedure.

Prevention of haematuria

Prevention of the haematuria is aimed toward stopping the underlying causes:
Ingesting loads of water day by day, voiding after sexual activity and an excellent hygienic observe
Avoiding extra salt and over consumption of sure meals like spinach and rhubarb helps in stopping the formation of stones
Limiting the publicity to chemical substances, refraining from smoking and consuming sufficient water helps to forestall bladder most cancers to a sure extent.

How critical is observing blood within the urine?

Most circumstances of haematuria are associated to an infection and these could be managed fairly successfully with the assistance of antibiotics and intravenous drugs. Different critical underlying causes like stones within the kidney or bladder or harm to urinary tract or most cancers of organs of urinary tract are to be handled primarily based on the indicators and signs and trigger.

Observing blood within the urine even for one time or often needs to be taken significantly. Analysis of the underlying explanation for haematuria is step one in direction of correct administration. One ought to method the healthcare skilled when she or he experiences frequent micturition, ache throughout voiding, stomach ache or ache within the flanks. People who’re experiencing a number of of the next signs with or with out the presence of blood within the urine ought to search medical recommendation as early as doable.

The signs are as follows –

–         Fever
–         Chills
–         Not capable of urinate
–         Nausea and vomiting
–         Weight reduction which is unexplained
–         Gentle to extreme stomach ache
–         Ache within the again or flanks which vary from delicate to extreme depth
–         Experiencing ache throughout sexual activity or heavy menstrual bleeding
–         Experiencing dribbling of urine, nocturnal urination, or issue in beginning to urinate

Ayurveda Understanding

Haematuria could also be in comparison with a situation known as ‘Rakta Meha’ defined in Ayurveda within the context of Prameha Nidana.

Rakta Meha is one among the many six kinds of Pittaja Meha or Pittaja Prameha.

It’s a urinary dysfunction by which the particular person passes pink colored urine which seems like ‘blood combined urine’ and therefore the identify.

Signs of Rakta Meha

विस्रमुष्णं सलवणं रक्ताभं रक्तमेहतः।वा.नि.१०।
visramuṣṇaṃ salavaṇaṃ raktābhaṃ raktamehataḥ|vā.ni.10|

On this situation, the particular person voids urine which has the under talked about attribute options –

–         Visram – foul smelling
–         Ushnam – scorching on contact
–         Lavanam – salty in style
–         Raktabham – having pink colored – resembling blood

Grasp Charaka has talked about Lohita Meha and Grasp Sushruta has talked about Shonita Meha. Each these situations are just like Rakta Meha vis-à-vis Haematuria. Lohita and Shonita are synonyms of Rakta – blood.


Rakta Meha is handled on the traces of –

–         Normal line of therapy of Prameha
–         Line of therapy of Pittaja Prameha

We have to use the identical rules for treating Haematuria additionally.

Different consideration

There’s one more situation known as Raktapitta defined in Ayurveda. This time period consists of in it the outline of all types of bleeding problems. It is a situation whereby rakta and pitta are contaminated as a result of consumption of their very own etiological elements. Later they contaminate one another and trigger raktapitta. On this situation bleeding might happen from the orifices from higher or decrease elements of the physique and even from the pores and skin.

In adhogata raktapitta bleeding happens from the decrease orifices / passages which incorporates urinary passages. Even on this situation the urine might seem bloody pink in color as a result of contaminated blood passing by the urine.

On this situation the doctor must differentiate between raktapitta and rakta meha earlier than administering the therapy. The road of therapy for raktapitta is completely different from that of rakta meha.

Associated Studying – Distinction between Raktapitta and Rakta Meha 

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