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WTF Enjoyable Truth 13752 – High of the Totem Pole

Many individuals suppose the highest of the totem pole is an important. This perception is flat-out unsuitable. The underside is commonly probably the most vital. Understanding that is essential to appreciating totem poles correctly. Let’s discover why folks misunderstand totem poles and why the underside issues extra.

Totem poles come from Indigenous cultures within the Pacific Northwest. They’re intricate carvings representing household crests, legends, or necessary occasions. These tall buildings inform tales, and every determine on the pole has a function. Individuals typically imagine the determine on the prime holds probably the most significance. Nevertheless, this can be a huge false impression.

The highest determine is commonly the least necessary. Carvers place probably the most vital figures on the backside. This positioning retains them nearer to the individuals who view the pole. The underside figures normally symbolize the household’s foremost totems or probably the most highly effective animals and spirits. This placement ensures they obtain probably the most consideration and respect.

Backside Figures: The Actual MVPs

Think about the Haida totem poles. The Haida are a Native American tribe from the Pacific Northwest. Haida poles typically characteristic probably the most essential figures on the base. For instance, the “Wasgo” or sea-wolf seems on the backside. The ocean-wolf symbolizes energy and bravado. Inserting it on the backside highlights its significance to the Haida folks.

The Tlingit folks additionally observe this observe. The Tlingit typically carve their most necessary clan crests on the backside. A bear or raven on the base signifies respect and honor. This positioning reveals that these animals play an important position of their cultural tales and beliefs.

One other instance is the Kwakwaka’wakw totem poles. The Kwakwaka’wakw carve poles that inform household histories. Probably the most crucial ancestors or animals are on the backside. This placement ensures that viewers first see an important parts of the household’s story.

Totem Pole Misunderstandings

Why do folks get it unsuitable? Western tradition typically values the highest place. Individuals assume the best level signifies probably the most significance. In lots of hierarchies, like company buildings, the highest place means energy and authority. This mindset results in the misunderstanding of totem poles.

Films and media additionally perpetuate this fable. Hollywood typically reveals the highest of the totem pole because the prime spot. This depiction misleads folks into considering that the highest is the most effective. Understanding totem poles requires setting apart these assumptions.

The time period “low man on the totem pole” is deceptive too. It implies that being on the backside means much less significance. In actuality, being on the backside of a totem pole typically means holding nice significance. This phrase does a disservice to the true that means and cultural significance of totem poles.

Embracing the Right Perspective

We have to respect and perceive Indigenous cultures higher. Recognizing the true construction of totem poles is a begin. This data honors the cultural practices and beliefs of the tribes that create these poles.

Subsequent time you see a totem pole, take a more in-depth look. Begin on the backside and work your approach up. Respect the figures on the base. They’re typically the important thing to understanding the story and significance of the pole. Respect the carvers’ intentions and the cultural meanings behind every determine.

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Supply: “Totem Pole” — The Canadian Encyclopedia

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